What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is one of those terms that's shrouded in confusion and seems to mean something different to everyone it's also been made to seem way more complicated than it actually is which is a shame really as it's really pretty straight forward. So, digital marketing is therefore if communicating value to your customers using digital tools that's it so now that we've got that covered the real question is what digital tools are available.

How do they differ from Traditional Marketing?

The first thing to do is understand the difference between traditional and digital marketing traditional marketing relies on tools and mediums like the newspaper radio TV magazines billboards Direct Mail and any form of print really digital on the other hand is made up of tools like search engine marketing social media content marketing like blogging articles or video creation email marketing and online pay-per-click advertising.

Traditional versus Digital Marketing

When you're talking about traditional versus digital marketing you're talking about the tools more than the strategy behind them and more accurately you're talking about which form of media you're going to use to communicate your message on a traditional one or a digital one so does traditional marketing work absolutely when done well and strategically designed and executed on traditional marketing can still provide good results by 10 this is a pretty big but when compared to digital marketing more often than not traditional simply doesn't have a chance it's because digital marketing on average is more cost efficient effective and allows you to measure monitor analyze and test and a much better and much faster rate the key to maximizing your marketing budget and results is to first leverage all available digital options and then start looking at alternative traditional opportunities

What is the Future Scope of Digital Marketing?

As consumer media consumption trends continue to shift dramatically away from traditional and towards more and more digital content there will be a time in the near future where we no longer refer to it as digital marketing and simply call it what it is marketing.

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